Grade 1

Country Peru
Region Amazonas and Cajamarca states
Altitude 1.200 – 1.600 meters above sea level
Harvest period July through September
Annual production 1.035 metric tons or 15.000 original bags in average
Taste characteristics Floral, citric aroma and a more pronounced acidity with good body
Visual characteristics Large flat bean, yellowish cut, dark green color. 75% over screen 17
Coffee type Arabica, washed, sun-dried
Special varieties or types Typica, Caturra


The area from where we source our Chachapoyas Grade I has a rich cultural background. The ancient culture of the Chachapoyas is also known as the Cloud People, who reigned from above the rainforest’s cloud cover. They were the builders of the famous Kuelap fortress. This unique archaeological site is the largest building structure of the Americas and also called the “Macchu Picchu of the North”.

The main collection point for our Chachapoyas Grade I coffee is the town of Lonya Grande. First immigrants arrived in the area in the early 1930’s. These settlers left the higher Andean mountain ranges looking for new cultivation areas with a better climate than the cold and unfriendly conditions they left behind. The story goes that upon arrival they found native coffee trees, which supposedly owe their existence to migrating birds which “delivered” seeds from southern coffee regions. Coffee farmers soon became experts in coffee cultivation and developed a unique fermentation process, which gives our coffee its special exotic flavour.