Group Companies

We write the year ....

....1969 when Ekkehard Häusler founded Coinca, standing for Compañía Internacional del Café. Soon after, the commerce of green coffee became nationalized under the military regime of General Velasco. It wasn't until the early 1980' that the coffee trade became a freely traded commodity.

In 1984 Coinca was reborn under a partnership between 3 gentlemen: Ekkehard Häusler, Antonio Baltodano and Michael R. Neumann.


In 1996 our own dry mill in Lima was set up and in 2005 a 2nd dry mill in the North, where around 50% of the country's production originates from.

The combination of local knowledge and international expertise of the world's leading green coffee service group shaped Coinca into one of the mayor and more reliable suppliers of Peruvian coffee.