Group Companies

Coinca plays an essential role of bringing the coffee from the producer to the client abroad. The transformation process of the coffee needs to be on par with the dedication and effort the farmer put in his coffee.

This starts at the reception of the coffee at one of our 9 own buying agencies. Knowing the type of coffee we are purchasing, allows us to pay the price the coffee deserves. We know that it takes a long way and a lot of dedication to produce a good coffee. In consequence we feel it is our responsibility to find the best possible market for our producer friends. By this we are generating the mutual confidence which we believe is an essential part of our business.


We supply the most important roasters worldwide, either directly or via our sister companies or non related traders. "Important" roaster doesn't necessarily mean large size roasters. A sound market to market philosophy means paying the best possible price a coffee deserves, for all parties involved, small and big.