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Coinca combines local and international expertise to form a reliable source of green coffee. We are playing a central part in the Peruvian coffee export business and want to be your gateway to the finest Andean coffee.

We are a team dedicated solely to coffee and want to share this love with our clients abroad. Let's embark on a coffee trip of continuous learning and challenging experiences.



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Coffee in Perú:

Perú is a fascinating country. On its territory many cultures were born, flourished and disappeared. Mysteries abound and unknown civilizations continue to be exposed. In 1997 the "Caral" civilization was announced to be the eldest known civilization of the Americas, dating back to 3.000 b.C. From the 17th century onwards the Spanish ruled until the 1820's.

Coffee production started to lift off in the Chanchamayo region around 1850, through the hands of European settlers.

Today there are around 150.000 coffee producers, 95% of which are small farmers, are growing coffee on 330.000 hectares.

Only washed Arabica is produced on the eastern slopes of the Andes, reaching from the Northern border with Ecuador to the Southern border with Bolivia. Perú has grown considerably the last decade to become the 8th largest coffee producer in the world and the world's largest producer of Organic coffee.



Coffee's share is only 2% of total export revenues. Nonetheless some 1 million people in Perú make a living of it. Only the equivalent of 5% of the total production is being consumed within the country, resulting in a low annual per capita consumption of 400 gr.
Perú is a prominent exporter of raw and concentrated minerals, which constitutes around 59% of total annual exports! And didn't we already mention that Peruvians are genuine handicraft geniuses?